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A selection of our gifts*:

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Molekulare Cocktails
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Boule-Set mit einer Flasche
Vin Rouge
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Lazzaroni Amaretti in der Dose
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No guarantee of individual gifts, only if the stock lasts.

Are you already language students with us or you want to be one? Then recruit a friend and you will get a stylish gift from us or the both of you can receive at 25 Euro bonus, which you can directly redeem by your course booking at Sprachcaffe Düsseldorf*

* Valid for all course types except Workshops

How it works:
Fill in the formular below and send it to us. You will receive the bonus / gift a few days after the registration (please pick up the gift here at Sprachcaffe), on condition that the new client has paid the course fees and did not cancel the course.

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Details to the new recruited client

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Please note:
  • Redeeming the voucher is only possible after the new client have booked a course and you will receive the bonus in form of a voucher
  • No cash payments
  • It is not possible to use the voucher for courses you have already booked