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The Sprachcaffe Team Düsseldorf

The Sprachcaffe Team Düsseldorf helps you with a professional consultation for your Language journey.


Sprachcaffe Düsseldorf Team


Michael Rönitz

Degree in Education, Industrial Manager

He has managed Sprachcaffe Düsseldorf as the acting proprietor since its’ founding in 1990. His main tasks include advising companies in regard to the organization of training and courses for national international companies. In his free time, he is a family man and a passionate cook. He also maintains a very symbiotic relationship with his running shoes – sometimes they even run away with him.

English, French, German and basic Spanish

Business Consulting and Trainings Concept
Tel.: +49 211 - 23 94 79 - 21


Catherine Thellier

Tourism Saleswoman

As one of the founders of Sprachcaffe Düsseldorf, she withdrew from active management in 2006. Since then, she has lived in France with her family and enjoys life in the Ardennes countryside. She still offers support for our team in regard to project- specific advising.

German, French, English

School Correspondent
Tel.: +49 211 - 68 41 52


Franziska Worbes


She is the contact person and main advisor for the evening courses. Her responsibilities include the organisation and coordination of new and maintaining current evening classes. In her free time she enjoys the great outdoors with her horse and dog and tackles the slopes on her snowboard every winter.

German, English and French

Evening classes
Tel.: +49 211 - 68 41 52


Sharon Matalon, M.A.

Studied German and Romance Languages

She has been the assistant director and our wandering dictionary since 2001. Anyone who has participated in a course at Sprachcaffe through their employer has certainly spoken with her on the phone, because she organizes the language courses for our company customers. She also coordinates the LCCI and TOEIC Tests. Business Language Courses and LCCI and TOEIC Tests.

German, English, French and Spanish

Business language courses and LCCI – and TOEIC Examinations
Tel.: +49 211 - 23 94 79 - 22


Khalid Bouqoro

Commercial Clerk

He is the right contact person regarding one to one lessons in many languages for customers. Not only does he gladly maintain direct contact with students, but always stands ready to advise and assist our language school. Furthermore, he is indispensible when it comes to purchasing items for the school. To keep physically and mentally fit, he travels and discovers far away lands and plays sport on a regular basis.

German, English and Arabic

Private and personal training, one to one courses for private customers
Tel.: +49 211 - 68 41 52


Alicja Kolonko, BA

Studied Social Sciences

She has been with us at Sprachcaffe Düsseldorf since 2008. She is the right contact person for those who wish to learn a language in a short amount of time, as she is responsible for our intensive courses. Additionally, she actively supports the marketing department. Alicja is family oriented and enjoys being spontaneous.

German, English, Polish and Russian

Intensive courses
Tel.: +49 211 - 68 41 52


Kerstin Schmitt

Physiotherapist and trained sport teacher

She is the responsible for the intensive course and the organisation, structure and the planning of the courses. She is also the contact person for enquires on Telc German exams und also for all questions in relation to learning German. In her free time she is very creative and uses her sewing machine to create new items. She is also active at church and supports social projects.

English, German, learning French

German Intensive courses
Tel.: +49 211 - 68 41 52


Frieda Jäkel

Trainee in office communication

She has been a trainee at Sprachcaffe since 2012 and is the right contact person for information about the Latin courses. After completing high school she took up voluntary service in Benin in West Africa. A part of Africa still remains in her heart. In her free time she enjoys baking and yoga.

German, French, English

Tel.: +49 211 - 68 41 52


Devyn Bailey, B. Sc.

International Business and German

At the beginning of 2012 she came from the USA to Germany and directly to us in Sprachcaffe Düsseldorf. She started as a trainee and helped out with the organisation of the evening and intensive courses. Now she is also responsible for TOEFL and also helps in the organisation for German intensive courses. She loves languages, Roller Derby and steaks. 
„What can I say? You can take a girl out of Nebraska, but not Nebraska out of the girl.”

English, German, learning French, Spanish and Japanese

Evening courses and German intensive course
Tel.: +49 211 - 68 41 52


Thomas Haupt

Promotional Advisor and Trade Manager

He is the contact person for the organization and coordination of accommodation for foreign Language students. Moreover, he is accountable for the entry and maintenance of the internet based educational server and supports the main office as a language advisor. His hobbies include travelling and discovering the top 1,000 most unique travel spots to see before you die in the world.

German, English

Intensive courses
Tel.: +49 211 - 68 41 52